Executive Summary

After the summary of the project’s problem or opportunity and implementation approach, the template has a list of Project Options that were considered. These should already be defined and will be listed in the combo box as shown above. In addition, the list of options can be changed:

OptionThe items in the list above the “Manage..” are the Project Options defined by your project team in the Cloud Database. When you select that Option, the corresponding section in Chapter 3: Alternative Solutions will be filled in with information about this Project Option. In the picture above, the third (and last) list is where the choice is being made, so the selection will fill in section 3.3.
That picture is just for illustration. In practice, you will probably want to make a choice in the top combo box -> 3.1, then the next box, etc.
Manage..The Cloud Database page will be opened in your browser so that you may define or change Project Options
Refresh ListThe template will re-read the list of Project Options from the database. Select this option after making changes via the Manage.. selection above
AddThe template initially has 3 sections for Project Options, but you may need more or fewer options. To add an option, select Add.
The template will copy the last section into a new section so that if you had 3 sections, now you have 4 with new numbers for its controls.
Knowing that the last section will be the one to be copied, you may want to take this action before making any edits to that section so that your new section will be clean
RemoveThe section corresponding to the list you are selecting will be removed
Items in Each Row of the Document Approvals

Here is an example of choosing the Project Option “Adapt a Modular Building“. You can see that the Template filled in the section title and the description of the Project Option (blue text is a cue which you will want to delete when ready):