Comparison of Alternative Project Options

After the analysis of the project’s business problem or opportunity, the template examines in detail each of Project Options that were considered. These should have been chosen above, so that the template automatically named and filled in a brief description at the beginning of each detailed section. The next detail studied for each option is its expenses. Please fill in a table describing each expense:

Expense CategoryFor convenience, a list of choices is provided. You may edit the list in the Developer/Properties menu or simply type a different category as needed. These aid in understanding the nature of the expense.
Expense DescriptionDescribe the expense in enough detail that it is readily identified among other expenses and clearly understood.
Expense TypeIdentify whether each expense is a Capital Expense (CAPEX)
or an Operational Expense (OPEX) item. Chose from the provided list.
Expense ValueTangible expenses are usually quantified in terms of their monetary cost ($ or other). Intangible expenses (such as cultural changes) can not be quantified in terns of their monetary cost, so instead, describe them in full.
Total Expense
The Expense Value column is added to give a total score.
Press F9 to refresh the addition.
Items in Each Row of the Expense Table