Document Control Sheet: Document Approvals

RoleThe Project will have a number of Roles, defined in the cloud database.
The template is pre-coded with likely Roles. You may change the Roles..
> In the template if you are likely to use these Roles on most Projects, OR
> In the document if you have a unique Role to fill.
The list of Roles is populated from the cloud when you select your Project.
You may also choose
> Manage.. : to return to the cloud and edit the Roles, OR
> Refresh List : for the template to read the Roles from the cloud again
NameThe Role assignment is read from the cloud database and shows who is assigned
ApprovalBlank area for the approval signature
DateThe date that this approver signed off. A date picker is provided.
Items in Each Row of the Document Approvals

There are unassigned Role rows at the bottom of the table. The Role and Name columns are numbered the same within the row so that if you select a Role that has been assigned in the cloud, the Name of the assignee will be supplied. You may delete unused rows or add more rows as needed. These may simply be blank rows that you fill in, or you may want to extend the automation:

To create a new automated row in either the template or the document, select an existing row, copy it, and paste it into a blank row.
Blank rows may be created with
> Right click on last row / Insert / Insert Rows Below, Or
> Select the space just to the right of the last row and press Enter.
After pasting, rename the new controls in the Role and Name columns, incrementing the number at the end of each control’s name to the next free number. The numbers in the row should match each other but not match the controls in any other row. You will need the Developer Tab in your Ribbon. In that tab, click on the Properties button and rename the title and tag in the pop-up dialog. In this example the cboRole9 becomes cboRole10.