Now that you have chosen a preferred solution, you need to provide the Project Sponsors with confidence that the implementation of the solution has been well thought through. You can do this by describing in detail how the project will be initiated, planned, executed and closed effectively.

  • Initiation List the steps involved in initiating the project, such as defining the Project Charter, recruiting the team and establishing a Project Office.
  • Planning Describe the steps you will take to plan the project in detail. This not only addresses the creation of a Project Plan, but it also lists the plans required to monitor and control project resources, finances, quality, risks, suppliers and communications.
  • Execution Outline the approach to be taken to build the physical project deliverables and gain the customer’s acceptance for each deliverable produced.
  • Closure Identify the activities required to hand over the final solution to the customer, release staff, close the Project Office and perform a Post Implementation Review of the project.
  •  Management Briefly describe how the following aspects of the project will be implemented:
    • Time Management
    • Cost Management
    • Quality Management
    • Change Management
    • Risk Management
    • Issue Management
    • Procurement Management
    • Communications Management
    • Acceptance Management
Recommend a Preferred Solution Create a Feasibility Study